Time to enjoy a #BlancEaster

Time to enjoy a #BlancEaster

An Alternative Plant Powered Easter Gift Guide!

Scented gifts to give this Easter
Easter is great fun especially when there is chocolate on offer. But its not the only treat on your Easter list.  Whether as an alternative to an Easter egg or simply as a well earned treat to self,  why not choose a beautiful Vanilla Blanc candle or diffuser scented with essential oils and help create memories  of Easter through scent associations now and for years to come.

Here’s some suggestions of adorable #blanceaster scented last-minute presents to give or use as part of your Easter hunt, that are just as sweet….

Fresh Linen & Bois Précieux Diffuser Set with Refill

Scented diffusers always make a great gift. They are one of life’s little luxuries that everyone loves but rarely buy for ourselves.

Vanilla Blanc are offering many gift sets, beautifully packed, in a hand-crafted wooden gift box for you and your loved ones.

An Easter and Spring must, is the exquisite amalgamation of fresh linen and the natural aroma of the Gros-Bois Forest in Auvergne. A medley of Eurasian Iris and Violet Rosettes containing pure Lavandin oil, which is renowned in aromatherapy for its ability to uplift your mood and spirit. The perfect product to  help uplift your festive Easter season.

Bergamot & Huile de Ylang Matt Edition Candle

A subtle fragrance, created with relaxation in mind, perfect for the Easter Sunday evening after the excitement of the Easter egg hunt and all the sweet treats of the day!

A beautiful matt black Candle made using a subtle section of essential oils that are blended and individually poured by hand.

Diffuser & Candle Gift Set - Grosso Lavender & Wild Vetiver

Did you know?
Lavender has amazing, calming and antidepressant powers, which will help you feel relaxed and calm while the children have something of sugar rush all around you!

This set contains locally sourced Grosso Lavender, one of 7 different species of English Lavender, and is world renowned for its therapeutic benefits. The diffuser is also enriched with Vetivert oil, known as "the oil of tranquillity.”

Did you know…
All Vanilla Blanc products are freshly made, cruelty free, Eco-friendly and of course plant powered!

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Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Do you Read/The/Label?

Do you Read/The/Label?