How it all began


A word from our founder Hayden:

“They say becoming a parent is a turning point in your life – in mine it certainly was. It created an enhanced sense of responsibility - made me so much more aware of the things I was buying – I wanted products that wouldn’t cause a reaction on the skin, products that wouldn’t harm the environment, products that really did what they claimed but didn’t compromise on aesthetics and a sense of luxury.
After all, moments of relaxation and luxury as parents take on a whole new level of importance! I also realised that so many of these natural, organic products tend to look so similar - shabby chic, earthy and rustic - and that just didn’t appeal to me in the same way.
I wanted to buy a range of home fragrance and laundry products that properly delivered on product benefits, that were kind to the environment but which also looked like a luxury brand. I couldn’t find one so I created one – and Vanilla Blanc and Read/the/label were born – helping to define a new genre of “natural luxury”, but of course; as simple as it sounds, it has been a much longer story in the making for many years before that.
I was raised in a family where my mother would prefer to make all her own remedies and cleaning products from plants, herbs & essential oils: Lavender oil was administered on my cuts and bruises, Tea tree for those unwanted spots, Eucalyptus steam when I was feeling like a Zombie from a cold, I even remember using the remainder of a lemon sprinkled with cracked sea salt to clean mum's favourite brass ornaments!
This instilled in me a natural curiosity to know more and I embarked on an exciting learning journey full of research, clinical trials and study programs, intending one day to make this interest not only a passion but also something that would prove instrumental in my career. One of my proudest moments was when I completed my Masters degree with honours in Science from King's College London.
Mum was there to share the moment...
Indeed, from the day we launched our business five years ago, our objective has been to ensure that ALL our products are formulated with only the very best mood enhancing, stress relieving organic essential oil formulations.  Our incredible candles, diffusers and laundry products all boast the finest blends using ancient herbs like wild Vetivert - its extract being widely dubbed as the “Oil of Tranquility” - The soothing Ylang Ylang oils that has deeply relaxing properties that uplift the spirit and promote a sense of self confidence and ease...
We spend hours selecting unique combinations of ingredients to deliver lasting beautiful aromas. Our locally sourced organically grown Grosso lavender produces the most intense fragrance of all the Lavendar varieties and our packaging has most certainly captured your imagination  - our innovative wooden boxes have been designed to catch your attention and leave a lasting impression.
Five years on, we are incredibly proud of our products – pleasing to the eye, good for the soul, kind to the skin and gentle for the planet.
Thank you for being part of our story.