Grosso Lavender & Wild Vetivert

Grosso Lavender & Wild Vetivert

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Introducing our 2019 Pre-Release Collection Apothicaire coconut wax candles. A pleasant promenade in the wonderful Lavender Fields of Surrey county...

Grosso Lavender is one of 7 different species of English Lavender which is world renowned for its numerous therapeutic benefits. The blend is enriched with Vetivert oil which is known as "the oil of tranquility"that adds an earthy dimension to the fragrance.

Made with Organic coconut wax and poured by hand, The Grosso Lavender & Wild Vetivert candle is the perfect aid to a good night sleep!

Coconut wax is best known for its clean and long burn and has a a great scent throw. This means your candle will effectively scent larger rooms in the home. It also has a lower melting point which means your candle will give you more burn time than soy wax.

Presented in Apothecary Amber glass jars that ensures your expertly blended essential oil candle reaches you in optimum efficacy.

All our essential oils are of the highest grade and are sourced locally in the county of Surrey.

Available in the following sizes (Choose from the scroll down menu):

  • 170 ml Burn time 45 hours
  • 120 ml Burn time 25 hours

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