NEW LAUNCH 2016: Natural Soy Candles in BLACK!

Dear Guests,

You may have wondered when are we going to launch La Collection Naturelle candle Range...? Well! Team VB is delighted to announce that our natural soy candles are due  for June the 16th 2016!!

After a fantastic pre-launch exhibition at Pulse Olympia, we were able to make the final tweaks to the overall design that we hope you will find très très chic...

It was a tremendous challenge for the team to produce a natural candle that was black in colour. Months of trials combining some of the rarest organic pigments finally yielded the results we set out to achieve... An upper wax layer in black and a white base that becomes visible after approx 10 hours of burning time!

The Candle is made out of the purest EcoSoya wax available and contains all the natural essential oils we used in the diffuser range.

We hope you will enjoy this new product as much as we do... We Love it!



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